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“MPC development team have created the only true closed system .”

MPC have taken the Nexus 5/5x and removed the android operating system, emergency dialer function (999/911), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all other hardware that could compromise your communications.

We have replaced it with our own MPC platform which only does what we want, meaning access in and out of the device is 100% limited to our protocols and will only ever communicate with other MPC devices, giving our clients the only truly safe system available with no 3rd party liabilities ie. (BlackBerry) or any other outside server, you are in safe hands with your MPC devices

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  • FIPS PUB 197 Validated Encryption Algorithm
  • AES(6) OTR Chat (Instant Messaging)
  • AES(4) Closed Network PGP Mail
  • AES(5) Secure ZRTP Voice
  • AES(3)MPC Secure VPN
  • AES(7)TLS 1.2 Encryption Protocol
  • RSA 4096 logoRSA 4096 bit PGP Creation
  • MPC_AES-256-certificate_badgeAES 256-bit Encryption
  • Secure Boot – Device checks to make sure all files are in place before loading
  • Global Service -SIM provided with no link or trace to client
  • Anti Brute Force Mechanics
  • Ability to send Encrypted Pictures (GPG)
  • Secure Vault for Notes
  • No Internal Microphones

OTR Chat

Off the record (OTR) gives our clients total piece of mind, this chat system uses a different encryption key every time you use it. Which creates a unique encrypted tunnel between users , leaving no digital footprint and no connection record between clients.

Using layers of other unbreakable encryption and server protocols we believe this is the most secure platform on the market today

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  • MPC_AES-256-certificate_badgeUntraceable Instant Messages (AES 256 bit)
  • AES(6)Off-The-Record Encryption (OTR)
  • AES(12)Secure Diffie-Hellman 4096-bit contact verification
  • AES(10)FIPS PUB 197 Validated Encryption Algorithm
  • AES(7) Secure TLS 1.2 encryption between device and server
  • AES(3)MPC maintained secure VPN
  • Fully Encrypted MPC Server
  • Each chat uses a unique encryption key which is destroyed each time you clear and close
  • Clear & Close all chats at touch of a button
  • Call Attention button to alert your contact to your message
  • Authenticated Key Exchange
  • Deniability – Messages don’t have Digital Signatures and can’t be checked via 3rd parties

PGP Mail

MPC believe that the common way of using PGP/Symantec with a BlackBerry is unsafe.

MPC uses an open source version of this protocol (GPG/ RSA 4096) which has no license agreements with Symantec, we also don't believe in public key exchange ie. PGP universal key exchange.

MPC keep your public keys inside our system by sharing keys via OTR Chat and then directly store them on your handset. This means there is no way for a Man-In-The-Middle Attack (MITM) to compromise your key.

Clients can also send encrypted photos with (RSA 4096) mail to their other MPC contacts, this is truly the most secure email on the market

Please watch our video below

  •  RSA 4096-bit Key Creation
  • PGP Keys created by user directly on the device
  • PGP Public/Private Keys Never In Public Domain
  • Secure Key Exchange via OTR Chat
  • Ability to send encrypted pictures
  • Communications to server encrypted using TLS 1.2
  • MPC Secure VPN
  • Closed Network – not routing via BlackBerry servers (No official Symantec software License)
  • Digital Fingerprint Verification
  • Secure Key Store
  • MPC Don’t Store Copies of Your PGP Keys
  • Unreadable Header Files

Encrypted Voice

MPC Developers have taken ZRTP which is a proven unbreakable (VOIP) encryption and combined this protocol with TLS 1.2 , AES 256-bit encryption and finally a DH 4096-bit key exchange, together giving our clients a truly unbreakable (VOIP). Each call has a unique key which is verified on each side (Peer to Peer) which makes it impossible for any Man-In-The-Middle Attack.

Please watch our video below

  • Worldwide service – Make secure calls anywhere in the world

  • ZRTP voice encryption protocol

  • Diffie-Hellman 2048-bit Key Verification
  • TLS 1.2 encryption between device and server
  • Secure MPC VPN
  • No link from SIM card to client
  • Calls are completely untraceable
  • External earphones with integrated microphone used to make and receive calls
  • Secure MPC data number
  • No Emergency Dialer in the handset