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“The MPC tablet system is your discreet, secure and encrypted mobile work station which keeps your data and communications secure whilst on the move.”

The MPC tablet system take advantage of the Nexus 7 range giving MPC the the ability to install our very own encrypted Operating System (OS). It has a tablet environment with a low learning-curve. This compact and powerful tablet is small enough to hold with one hand but big enough to get any job done.

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“The semi-rugged tablet is your product hardened, secure and encrypted mobile work station, that allows you to work in the most challenging environments.”

The MPC Semi-Rugged tablet  takes advantage of the GETAC Z710 range, which  MPC have taken to the next level by installing our very own fully encrypted Operating System (OS). This Semi-Rugged still has a tablet environment that  has a low learning curve and is easy to use from day of purchase.

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